How to register your products with the Dubai Municipality


As one of the worlds top 15 cities for high salaries, disposable income and adventurous consumer markets, Dubai is an attractive destination for any sized organisation looking at launching products in the UAE. 

A crucial requirement that has to be met prior to selling, importing or exporting products from Dubai is for the goods to be registered with the Dubai Municipality. This is to ensure that the products have satisfied the high health & safety standards set by the local Government. 

While this law applies to all kinds of goods intended for consumer usage/consumption, the rules are slightly different for products that are intended to be sold to businesses or government.

Hensley&Cook has years of experience in registering products with the Dubai Municipality, and are equipped to help organisations of any size. If you would like to start the conversation, or find out if your products need to be registered with the municipality send us an email on [email protected] or keep reading our blog for more insight into the process:

Complete Valid Product Registration Process

1. Register your business

Before you begin registering your products with the Dubai Municipality, you will need a valid business license in Dubai or a UAE Free Zone. This can take between 2 – 4 weeks, depending on your chosen business activity and trade license.

2. Register with Dubai Municipality

Now that your business is registered in the UAE you must submit a copy of your trade license, email address, contact details, registered office & other information on the municipality’s online portal.

3. Submit product information

The next step in getting your products approved for sale, import or export is to provide the authorities with information about the product. Some of the information required includes providing an ingredients list and sending a sample of the product to the authorities for further testing. If the authorities identity any potential issues with the your product, you will have to modify it and provide more evidence before it is approved for usage or consumption. It’s important to note that there is an application processing fee applicable.

4. Registration Certificate

If your products have passed the authorities health & safety requirements, it will be registered with the municipality and you will be provided with an electronic registration certificate. The certificate can be displayed on products & branding to demonstrate that it is compliant with Dubai’s health & safety standards. 

Before you can start the process of product registration it is important you have the necessary documents on hand: 

  • Free sale certificate (attested by a government authority in the country of origin)
  • Ingredients report (signed and/or stamped by the manufacturer) 
  • Analysis report (signed and/or stamped by the manufacturer) 
  • Good manufacturing practice (GMP) certificate. This is required for health supplements and all locally manufactured products)
  • Material safety data sheet (for detergents/ air fresheners and scented candles) 
  • Halal certificate from certified Islamic society (for health supplements containing animal -derived ingredients) 

The product registration can be daunting & lengthy, but working with specialists who understand the process, gives you peace of mind and can help you navigate any bumps in the road. 

Hensley&Cook has a team of specialists that can handle your license application, opening a bank account and advising you on the correct structure for your entity. 

Our office handles all government formalities such as work permits & visa applications that are required to trade in the UAE. 

We can establish your company on your behalf and take care of all the necessary admin so you can focus on running your business. Not sure if you should apply for a trademark? Contact CRESCO Legal for advice.


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