Seychelles International Trust.

A Trust is is a private legal agreement between a Settlor and a Trustee to hold assets for Beneficiaries. It is often used for estate planning, real estate ownership and in connection with jumbo life insurances.

Similar in purpose to a Private Foundation, a Seychelles International Trust is a private legal agreement (Trust Deed) between the individual who places his/her assets in the Trust (Settlor) and the individual or corporation entrusted with the protection, management, and ultimate distribution of the assets (Trustee) for the persons entitled to benefit from the capital assets and/or income held under the agreement (Beneficiaries).

The Seychelles International Trust law offers some of the greatest privacy and asset protection features of any International Offshore Financial Centre: Neither the name of the person establishing the Trust nor the persons who are to benefit from the Trust are disclosed to the Registry. Having said that: Please keep in mind, that it is mandatory to properly disclose the ultimate beneficial owner to any bank holding a bank account of the trust or a company belonging to the trust.

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