Switzerland is the ultimate launchpad for entrepreneurs, offering unparalleled political stability and a business-friendly environment. Enjoy lower taxes compared to other European nations and benefit from robust financial privacy protections. Located in the heart of Europe, Switzerland boasts a top-tier logistics network, making it the perfect hub for accessing both EU and global markets.

With numerous double taxation agreements in place, you can ensure fair and efficient international taxation for your business. Moreover, Switzerland’s world-renowned intellectual property laws provide a secure and supportive environment for innovation, allowing your ideas to thrive.

Corporate entity available in Switzerland:

Public Company (Aktiengesellschaft – AG)

Our recommended structure for international purposes and foreign investors. Have a higher capital requirement (CHF 100,000) with limited liability. At least one member with signatory power should reside in Switzerland.

Limited Liability Company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung - GmbH):

Popular choice for small - medium enterprises. Lower capital contribution (CHF 20,000) with limited liability. One of the executive directors are required to live in Switzerland.

General Partnership (Kollektivgesellschaft):

Shared liability among partners. At least one partner must be authorised to represent the partnership. A partner is not required to have an established address in Switzerland but must present a work permit and a residence permit. No start up capital required.

Sole Proprietorship:

Easiest to establish but the individual is personally liable for all business debts. There is no fixed initial investment. Often the legal entity preferred by freelancers.

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