Wills & Estate Planning.


Distribution or transferring of wealth within the family member is a major consideration a person to look after in an estate planning. Everyone has an estate, be it a car, a house, investments, savings and checkings account, personal possessions and the list goes on.

Estate Planning does not necessarily only applies to wealthy individuals with millions of assets. As simple as it can be, this will help you protect your family in an inevitable event.

It is actually a life-affirming decision because the process will allow you to take a closer look at the people you most care about in life—and ensure their future happiness.

At Hensley&Cook we offer our clients to set up international trusts and private foundations as an attractive and efficient solutions for Estate Planning. It is an excellent way to safeguard our clients’ private information, preventing the business activities and income from becoming open public information.

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Private Foundation

private foundation

Navigate your Estate Planning process

The coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting hundreds of countries and territories worldwide, the devastating effects and reality of this pandemic is true, forcing many people to address that one question “what if”.

What if, at one point you had initiated your estate planning but for some reason or another had never finalised it!  But now, with the current global crisis, you are realising you need to ensure your affairs are in place.

Some of you may need to just update your current Estate Plans, updating asset ownership, outdated beneficiary designations, restructuring of work mechanism and power of attorneys.

These changes can be done at any time and should be updated as and when you make amendments of changes. If you are wondering how to manage this in these uncertain times, don’t worry we can assist you.  Our Lawyers and Attorneys are available on video conference calls to discuss your Will and Estate Planning solutions

How can we assist you?

Consultation via Conference Calls

You may not be able to physically meet with our consultants and legal advisors, but you can still create, update or finalize your estate plan. We can set up an initial conference calls to discuss.

Doing Business During COVID19

Our team are all on call and working from home “WFH" we are available via email, telephone and video conferencing to advise you. Now is the time to call. 


We draft and prepare all documents necessary for estate planning and wills, we have E-signature for remote signing.

DIFC Wills or Inheritance Planning

Secure your legacy and be certain about the future, let our lawyers help you register your Will.

Wills and Estate Planning

The DIFC WPR (Dubai International Financial Centre, Wills & Probate Registry) is the first in the Middle East to provide will registration to non-Muslims locally and abroad. This would be the optimal legal solution in protecting your assets, family and businesses in all seven emirates in the UAE, as well as assets abroad after death.

It provides assistance to suitable people to register their Wills according to the principles of testamentary freedom, meaning the freedom to dispose of their property upon death as they see fit. Simple and efficient mechanisms for non-Muslims are provided by the DIFC WPR to pass on their estates according to their wishes.

During these trying times, the DIFC Wills Service Centre is developing a new system to make the process easier for everyone.

Similar to the current template of Wills Virtual Registry which will allow the Testator and 2 Witnesses to join in on the video conferencing call from different locations. The system will also allow to upload the approved Will directly on the system and to affix electronic signatures to avoid the testator having to print the Will to provide a more efficient process.

With these new guidelines, it is now possible to register your will without moving out of your home and to secure your loved ones remotely in cooperation with a wills draftsman.

The registered draftsmen of CRESCO Legal allow you to draft and sign a Will without you leaving your house. Our tech-savvy lawyers will facilitate the best way of working with you, having not only your Will but also your personal safety in mind.

Our expert are trained and qualified in the drafting of wills. They are approved wills draftsmen at the DIFC.


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