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The upcoming energy crisis in Europe, which causes major headache for many businesses, is soon to become a massive migraine in the next couple of months. In addition there is a question looming, about who will shoulder the massive deficit accumulated during COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine. 

With the questions about energy availability and the increased price of energy, a growing number of businesses are struggling to maintain operations and many will not be able to wait out the “blackouts” and need to look at alternative jurisdictions to maintain operations. 

Why the United Arab Emirates Infrastructure is right for you

The United Arab Emirates is positioned to accommodate organisations & industries off all sizes and provide them with a stable operating environment, world-class infrastructure and great access to both European & African markets. 

The country’s recently launched Make it in the Emirates Campaign is an open invitation to investors, innovators and developers to take advantage of the UAE’s exceptional value proposition and fulfil their ambitions of developing, manufacturing and exporting their products. 

Global hub for trade flow & logistics: 

The UAE offers unrivalled connectivity to the business world with 80% of the worlds population reachable by an eight-hour flight. Providing businesses with unparalleled access to the worlds largest emerging markets too. The country has also been recognised as the world’s largest investor in quality infrastructure with some of the best ports, roads, commercial & residential buildings across the globe. 

Attractive business environment: 

The UAE is ranked highly in the ease of doing business and its foreign direct investment policies allow foreigners to own 100% of their companies. It’s readily available multicultural population enhances workforce productivity and creativity. 

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World-class communications and IT infrastructure: 

The UAE has been recognised for having the best data infrastructure in the world and is ranked highly in the e-government services indices with an integrated communications. 

Reliable supplier of raw material: 

Availability of raw materials (gas and chemicals) at a competitive price. 

Ideal country to live and invest in:

The UAE provides a high quality of life, access to international standard health care and education as well as embraces global cultures and offers Golden Visa opportunities for investors. 

Get Started

Moving your organisation to the UAE is not a simple task, and requires a team of experts to ensure the process happens smoothly and on time. 

Hensley&Cook as a boutique corporate service provide has a wealth of knowledge & experience in migrating small & large corporations to the United Arab Emirates and can help you get your feet on ground. 

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