Millennials, Have You Explored Your Parents’ Retirement Strategies?


In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of retirement has evolved significantly. Millennials, often preoccupied with their own financial and career aspirations, might not fully grasp the retirement challenges faced by their ageing parents. However, it’s crucial for millennials to initiate conversations with their parents about their retirement needs. 

In our latest article we explore why having this conversation is not only beneficial but also an essential step towards ensuring a secure future for both generations.

Millennials are entering the “Sandwich Generation,” caught in the middle of raising their own children while also providing care for their elderly parents.This juggling act often leaves us neglecting our own well-being as we’re too busy physically, emotionally and financially assisting others. To navigate this delicate balancing act more smoothly, it’s essential to start preparing early.

1. Financial preparedness 

Starting a conversation with your parents can shed light on their financial preparedness. You may discover if your parents have adequate savings, investment strategies or if they need assistance in planning for their post-retirement years. 

2. Healthcare and Long-Term Care

The cost of healthcare, especially during retirement, can be overwhelming. Discuss healthcare and long-term care options with your parents to ensure they are adequately covered and aware of potential expenses that may arise in their later years.

3. Estate Planning and Wills

Talking about wills and estate planning for some is a sensitive topic, but should be seen as a conversation out of love. Understanding your parents wishes and ensuring they have a valid estate plan in place can help avoid legal complications and disputes down the line.

4. Emotional Well-being

Retirement can bring about emotional challenges, such as isolation or a loss of purpose. Engaging in conversations with ageing parents can help identify potential emotional needs and offer support, whether through companionship or access to resources.

5. Planning for Your Own Future

Conversations about your parents’ retirement can also serve as a learning opportunity for you. You can gain insights into financial planning, investments, and other essential aspects of preparing for your own retirement. 

Estate Planning does not necessarily only apply to wealthy individuals with millions of assets. It is actually a life-affirming decision because the process will allow you to take a closer look at the people you most care about in life—and ensure their future happiness.

At Hensley&Cook we offer our clients to set up international trusts and private foundations as an attractive and efficient solutions for Estate Planning. It is an excellent way to safeguard our clients’ private information, preventing the business activities and income from becoming open public information.


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