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Hensley&Cook is specialised in the set-up of companies in the Seychelles, the Philippines and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but can facilitate the incorporation of companies outside these locations through a well-established network of partner companies.

Hensley&Cook is a business advisory service and corporate service provider with offices in the Seychelles, Cebu, Philippines, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We help clients to examining the legal framework, implication on tax, availability of finance, market potential and the risks factors involved to start up a business or do their estate planning. In our solutions we follow high ethical and moral values with strict compliance to tax and other legal requirements.

Hensley&Cook offers a highly professional company formation and administration service based on best practice and streamlined processes. Our multicultural and multi-lingual team of experts makes sure, that the incorporation processes run smoothly and within the promised timeframe, but still follows stringent and comprehensive compliance checks and processes.

We have, among others, expertise in the formation and administration of trading companies, holding companies, private or family investment companies, international investment funds, foundations and trust. Our clients own real estate, ships or aircrafts with such companies, do active trading, use structures to build holding structures for international business conglomerates or administrate intellectual property rights and royalties through such companies.

New requirement for “substance” in the UAE

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UAE: Deadline for Economic Substance Requirements (ESR) reporting is close.

Act now to avoid penalties of up to AED 50'000.


We at Hensley&Cook know, that each customer is unique and has specific requirements. There is not one solution that fits all, that’s why we offer tailor made solutions for each client. Carefully adapted to the needs, cost effective and with the target in mind.

Nevertheless it may be interesting to learn more about some of the solutions Hensley&Cook has put in place for some clients, but these examples do not show a comprehensive list of solutions and our specialists are always happy to look into your specific requirements.


Hensley&Cook is a licensed Trustee in the Seychelles (ITSP), licensed to register private foundations (FSP) and international business companies (IBC) corporate service provider in the Seychelles. In the UAE we are a registered agent for IBCs and incorporate companies in all the Free Zones and with the different departments of economic development, the local registrars.

In addition Hensley&Cook offers the formation of companies in numerous jurisdictions, relying on a well established network of partner firms in the respective countries. Please note, that Hensley&Cook offers the incorporation of companies as part of a problem solving solution and is not in the business of factory like mass incorporation of firms.

Yacht Registration
in the Seychelles.

As a common saying goes, there are only two fun days in the life of a yacht-owner – the day he buys it and the day he sells it. However that is not true if you’re registered in the Seychelles! This beautiful country of everlasting summer and home of one of the most plentiful fishing grounds in the world just calls for a boat trip to come and explore the 115 islands for treasures they offer.

Can you imagine, that the ownership of a boat can be 100% foreign? The process of registration is streamlined and the port offers modern facilities for all size of yachts and vessels.

Should you prefer to own a yachting business and lead your customers on the journey of exploration and big game fishing, then for you there is exemption from social security contributions for non-Seychellois personnel and no capital gains on sale of the vessel.

Hensley&Cook is now the NUMBER 1 YACHT REGISTRAR in the Seychelles! Please contact us if you like to learn more about the advantages of a yacht registration in the Seychelles.

We're the

in the


Fujairah’s ruler and Supreme Council Member HH Sheikh Hamad bin Mohammed Al Sharqi, issued Resolution No. 04 of 2020 lifting local licensing fees and taxes for the current year. As per the resolution, some activities shall be exempted from the annual fees, starting from January 1 to December 31, 2020.

For more details regarding the included selected activities, visit https://bit.ly/2zaG3Sx

Hensley&Cook is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with the International Free Trade Zone, Fujairah, UAE. We would like to inform all of our clients and partners about our newly forged partnership.

IFZA prides itself on working predominantly with Professional Partners, Corporate Advisors, Law Firms and Agents alike, making IFZA the only B2B focused Free Zone in the United Arab Emirates. Offering an assortment of scalable business set-up solutions, IFZA caters to over 1000 Trade, Service and Consultancy activities to reflect to client’s objectives.

As an authorized partner, this means that we have access to more than 1,000 business activities to offer to clients. Doing business for potential clients who wished to set up at IFZA becomes much easier, flexible and convenient with Hensley&Cook

Inline with the precautionary measures taken by the government in various sectors against repercussions of the new coronavirus (COVID-19), the UAE Cabinet has adopted a package of new decisions in order to facilitate the current circumstances of UAE citizens, residents and visitors to preserve their health and safety, and to support the performing and continuity of government work.

One of the decisions is important for holders of UAE residence visas: The cabinet has agreed to extend residence visas expiring on March 1, 2020, or within the time frame specified by this decision, for a period of three months. There will be no additional fees charged upon renewal. The measure shall simplify the procedures for residents in the country and furthermore exempt them from any fines incurred in the current conditions.

In addition, it has been agreed to halt the administrative fines for all violations resulting from services provided by the Federal Authority for Identity & Citizenship for a period of three months, starting from April 1, 2020, and subject for extension. This covers, for example, fines related to the Emirates IDs.

Please contact H&C in case you need further clarifications.

It has been announced by the UAE government that the holders of an UAE Investor or Partner Visa

can now stay outside the country for an additional 6 months. This extension is granted due to the uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The UAE government is now allowing the holders of an investor or a partner visa to stay outside the country for a maximum of 1-year from the last exit date from the UAE (subject to expiry of the visa). Residents, that are currently outside the UAE and like to travel back, are advised to contact the UAE diplomatic missions in their respective host countries for all necessary support to facilitate their return.

Please note, that this ruling does NOT apply to “normal” employment visas.

Don’t hesitate to contact Hensley&Cook if you are directly affected from this new decision.

Hensley&Cook in cooperation with the other companies of the CRESCO Group and in line with the processes as defined in ISO 22301 has taken measures to stay operational during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our IT infrastructure and our processes support remote working and the cooperation between distributed teams. We are confident, that we can continue serving you with our high level of quality and short response time as you are used to. We are here for you.

Sheikh Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE issued Law No. (3) of 2020 on the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre (DMCC) stating the responsibility of DMCC authorities in supervising the law and regulations to entities under DMCC.

The new law stipulates that any company registered to operate within DMCC is prohibited to practice any activity beyond what is only stated on their registration permit, additional to this are activities that against public order and norms.

The regulations also apply to custom duty and tax exemptions relevant to trade commodities, re-export and storage within DMCC and any private establishments, commercial and joint venture companies. Furthermore, companies under DMCC must define themselves as free zone companies to all communications documents including advertisements, invoices, contracts, etc.

By the ratification of Cabinet Decision No. 31/2019 on 30th of April 2019, the UAE officially launched the Economic Substance Regulations (also referred to as the “ESR” or “Regulations”. An authoritative instruction stipulating details on its execution and responsible Regulatory Authorities were issued further on.

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After a year of active promotion and successful deliveries in cooperation with local partners, Hensley&Cook has now established its own presence in the Philippines. From our office in Cebu, we are going to serve the growing number of clients, that decide to establish a company in the Philippines, attracted by the high number of qualified people with high work ethos, or that like to retire in a country, that offers excellent living conditions at very attractive price.

We are constantly innovating; finding ways to improve our existing solutions and continuously providing new solutions to meet our customers’ evolving needs and to ensure Hensley&Cook remains at the forefront of the corporate services industry.

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Hensley&Cook has successfully passed the certification for ISO 22301, the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). ISO 22301 defines requirements to reduce the likelihood of and protect against disruptive incidents. It also helps to recover from such incidents, which includes failure of IT systems, interruption of telecommunication and the continuation after the loss of key persons.

End of 2018, the UAE government introduced the possibility of “dual licenses” for free zone and mainland UAE companies. This allows companies of participating free zones to apply for a license to become a UAE mainland company as well.

The Dubai Multi Commodity Center (DMCC) now signed a MoU with the Dubai Economic Department (DED) to facilitate such dual licensed companies. This scheme will allow DMCC companies to establish operations in mainland Dubai by obtaining a DED license apart from the DMCC license.

In order to uphold adherence to the best international norms and practices, 1st January 2019 Seychelles enacted several legislative amendments which now offer Seychelles IBC owners an opportunity to carry on business in Seychelles, become tax residents and profit from the growing list of Double Tax Treaties. Business owners should note that only income derived in Seychelles would be subject to tax.

Contact Hensley&Cook team to learn how these changes can positively affect your business.

Hensley&Cook in cooperation with local specialists now offers the incorporation of companies in the Philippines, a fast growing economic tiger that prepares to take a prominent place in the service industry like IT, telemarketing and medical care. Hensley&Cook helps clients to identify the best fitting set-up, incorporates their company and guides them in the sometimes complex local approval and certification process.

Tuesday September 25 marks an important day in the history of Hensley&Cook: The company officially opened its office in the Seychelles with the blessing of the office and a ceremony attended by honoured guests from politics, financial authorities, industry and friends. The Seychelles are not only an excellent destination for holidays but thanks to their efficient and dynamic financial authorities became an important player in the world of corporate services.

Please visit our Seychelles Opening site for impressions of this event.

The offices of Hensley&Cook in Dubai and the Seychelles are now compliant with ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management System), ISO 10002:2018 (Customer Satisfaction and Complaints handling) and ISO 31000:2018 (Risk Management). We are happy, that we fulfil these demanding standards, and are sure, that it will help us to even better serve our existing and future clients.

Doing Business in the time of COVID-19

Dear clients and business partners,

COVID-19 is heavily interfering with local and international business activities worldwide. Among others, this affects international travels to Dubai, Mahé, Cebu or Singapore – the locations of our offices.

As a safety measure taken against the spread of the virus, we have put in place a “Home Office” approach for most of us. Therefore we ask you to contact us before visiting one of our offices and we offer valuable alternatives instead.

It proves to be an advantage, that we are early adapters when it comes to the use of information technology. Therefore we are happy to offer you different ways to communicate with us:

  • In-house Information Exchange Platforms
  • Video Conferencing
  • Electronic Signature Platforms
  • Chat services (WhatsApp, WeChat, Telegram, Signal, Threema)

Hensley&Cook continuous to be fully operational. Company incorporations and most of the other transactions can be done online. Dubai courts, for example, supports even the remote attestation of documents.

We are here for you and ready to serve. Let’s overcome this challenge together.

Let's face the challenge together.

CRESCO - We are here to serve

#StayHome  #StaySafe  #StayHealthy

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Solutions are always tailor made to the specific requirements of the client. Hensley&Cook coaches the client to find the best fitting solution taking into account the specific framework provided by the client.

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Doing Business in the time of COVID-19