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Hensley&Cook is specialised in the set-up of companies in the Seychelles, the Philippines, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), but can facilitate the incorporation of companies outside these locations through a well-established network of partner companies.

Hensley&Cook is a business advisory service and corporate service provider with offices in the Seychelles, Singapore, Cebu (Philippines), and Dubai (United Arab Emirates). We help clients to examining the legal framework, implication on tax, availability of finance, market potential and the risks factors involved to start up a business or do their estate planning. In our solutions we follow high ethical and moral values with strict compliance to tax and other legal requirements.

Hensley&Cook offers a highly professional company formation and administration service based on best practice and streamlined processes. Our multicultural and multi-lingual team of experts makes sure, that the incorporation processes run smoothly and within the promised timeframe, but still follows stringent and comprehensive compliance checks and processes.

We have, among others, expertise in the formation and administration of trading companies, holding companies, private or family investment companies, international investment funds, foundations and trust. Our clients own real estate, ships or aircrafts with such companies, do active trading, use structures to build holding structures for international business conglomerates or start for example an insurance company, a shared services company or a crypto exchange with the support of Hensley&Cook. Read More →

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The UAE Golden visa provides long-term residence for foreign investors and entrepreneurs to live and work in the United Arab Emirates.



We at Hensley&Cook know, that each customer is unique and has specific requirements. There is not one solution that fits all, that’s why we offer tailor made solutions for each client. Carefully adapted to the needs, cost effective and with the target in mind.

Nevertheless it may be interesting to learn more about some of the solutions Hensley&Cook has put in place for some clients, but these examples do not show a comprehensive list of solutions and our specialists are always happy to look into your specific requirements.

Start your business in
Dubai Meydan Free Zone

for as little as 12,500 AED


Tokenise assets or securities and get them listed at an exchange. Hensley&Cook in cooperation with CRESCOtec, the IT company of the CRESCO Group, runs the whole process from custody to issuance of tokens to listing of tokens.

Tokens allow to represent assets like properties or securities like shares of a company. Whether you want to issue Non-fungible token (NFTs) to certify digital assets or whether you want to issue tokens for a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT), Hensley&Cook and its partner companies provide you support along the whole process including the programming of Smart Contracts.


Hensley&Cook is a licensed Trustee in the Seychelles (ITSP), licensed to register private foundations (FSP) and international business companies (IBC) corporate service provider in the Seychelles. In the UAE we are a registered agent for IBCs and incorporate companies in all the Free Zones and with the different departments of economic development, the local registrars.

In addition Hensley&Cook offers the formation of companies in numerous jurisdictions, relying on a well established network of partner firms in the respective countries. Please note, that Hensley&Cook offers the incorporation of companies as part of a problem solving solution and is not in the business of factory like mass incorporation of firms.

Hensley&Cook is a registered sponsor at SECDEX, a stock exchange registered with the Seychelles Financial Services Authorities.

SECDEX is not only a security exchange, it also operates a digital custodian regulated under the sandbox of the Seychelles FSA to custody digital assets. This allows Hensley&Cook among services to list companies at the stock exchange for an initial public offering (IPO) or to list tokens for an initial token offering (ITO).

Hensley&Cook sets-up structures, that can issue tokens or can issue tokens against securities or assets put into custody. This process includes NFTs for art works, music or games to mention a few.

Hensley&Cook in cooperation with CRESCOtec, the IT specialists of the CRESCO Group, and CRESCO Legal, the law firm of the group, covers the whole process from legal structure to programming of tokens, the offering prospectus and the deployment of the tokens.

Yacht Registration
in the Seychelles.

As a common saying goes, there are only two fun days in the life of a yacht-owner – the day he buys it and the day he sells it. However that is not true if you’re registered in the Seychelles! This beautiful country of everlasting summer and home of one of the most plentiful fishing grounds in the world just calls for a boat trip to come and explore the 115 islands for treasures they offer.

Can you imagine, that the ownership of a boat can be 100% foreign? The process of registration is streamlined and the port offers modern facilities for all size of yachts and vessels.

Should you prefer to own a yachting business and lead your customers on the journey of exploration and big game fishing, then for you there is exemption from social security contributions for non-Seychellois personnel and no capital gains on sale of the vessel.

Hensley&Cook is now the NUMBER 1 YACHT REGISTRAR AGENT in the Seychelles! Please contact us if you like to learn more about the advantages of a yacht registration in the Seychelles.


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Hensley&Cook provides comprehensive HR solutions for small and mid-sized businesses. HR, benefits, tax administration, and regulatory compliance assistance are some of the many services we provide.

By taking care of paperwork and providing regulatory compliance assistance, Hensley&Cook helps businesses to improve productivity, increase profitability, and to focus on their core mission.

We are now accepting Crypto Currency as payment.

Hensley&Cook now accepts payment in cryptocurrencies. The start is made with enabling payments in Binance USD. 

Abode Options, an immigration agency part of the International CRESCO group, specializes in bespoke wealth management solutions:
citizenship & residency-by-investment programs.

Clients are offered lucrative opportunities to acquire second passports, enabling visa free travel to over 180 countries, better tax planning & portfolio diversification.

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Solutions are always tailor made to the specific requirements of the client. Hensley&Cook coaches the client to find the best fitting solution taking into account the specific framework provided by the client.